What annoys the crap out of me in most articles geared towards introverts. And what’s MUCH better to focus on instead.

  • Go to networking events without feeling drained for 6 weeks after!
  • Make an appearance on birthday parties (and maybe even have some fun there!) without having to sleep 14 hours straight the next day to feel slightly human again!
  • Raise kids and be there for everyone and grow your business and still find 5 minutes for yourself every year or so!
  • How to survive the holidays or those awful office parties or team-building activities!
  • How to live up to all demands and obligations you must meet or else you can’t grow your business or make enough money!



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Brigitte van Tuijl

Brigitte van Tuijl


Unfiltered content for women entrepreneurs who want to grow their biz WITHOUT changing who they are or doing things they hate. Loves people - in moderation :)