Unleash yourself onto the world. It’s time.

  • NOT speaking your truth hurts even more.
  • NOT following your own life’s path is SO MUCH MORE PAINFUL than facing those fears and stripping away those layers of whatever is not YOU.
  • Toning down who you are slowly suffocates your soul.
  • Watering down your message slowly drains LIFE ITSELF out of you.
  • NOT being who you are ALWAYS HURTS MORE than being true to yourself. EVEN when that means that some people don’t understand or even like you anymore. That’s NOT true love or true friendship to begin with, so you might as well cut that out of your life anyway.
  • Being true to yourself is SO MUCH MORE fun and easier than NOT being true to you.
  • Speaking your mind might be scary at first, but then…..it is liberating, empowering, and your soul sighs with relief, a weight is lifted from your shoulders, and it feels like life was black-and-white before and suddenly, there is color, and depth, and there are more sounds and smells and aliveness than you could ever imagine.
  • And if you were wondering when the FUCK your business will finally take off and clients will find you and money will flow? It happens the MOMENT YOU STOP TONING DOWN AND YOU TAKE A STAND FOR WHO YOU ARE AND YOU STOP. SETTLING. FOR. ANYTHING. LESS. THAN. BEING. YOU. TO. THE. MAX.



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Brigitte van Tuijl

Brigitte van Tuijl


Unfiltered content for women entrepreneurs who want to grow their biz WITHOUT changing who they are or doing things they hate. Loves people - in moderation :)