The messy side of stepping into your soul’s work.

And preferably, you want to get some ironclad GUARANTUEES that it WILL work out, you WILL be fine, you WILL be able to make money doing what you love / doing what you’re called to do / being who you are / following this path you’ve never taken before.

Because I KNOW from previous experiences that the level of healing, clarity, light and joy that’s on the other end of the tunnel, is AT LEAST as big as your resistance is.

A deep, deep rooted fear came up.

And these same questions might be blocking YOU too:

The way through it is to become aware of it first.

If you even remotely feel that the price of moving forward / pursuing your dreams / creating more success is too high or too scary for you, this process is ABSOLUTELY going on for you underneath.

Trust that doing your soul’s work and being ALL of who you are is what you’re born for, what you’re made for, is what most fulfills you, and is ALWAYS something you can make money with, in whatever way or form YOU choose.



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Brigitte van Tuijl

Brigitte van Tuijl


Unfiltered content for women entrepreneurs who want to grow their biz WITHOUT changing who they are or doing things they hate. Loves people - in moderation :)